Public Galleries Queensland (PGQ) is the peak membership body for Queensland’s public gallery network. PGQ was previously the Regional Galleries Association of Queensland (RGAQ)

PGQ actively engages in advocacy and marketing for the industry to protect and promote the interests of public art museums and exhibition spaces throughout Queensland.


To support excellence in the Queensland public gallery sector.


  1. to advocate for and champion Queensland’s public galleries as vital cultural assets to the communities they serve;
  2. to strengthen and unify Queensland’s public galleries through building networking opportunities and industry support;
  3. to promote excellence in Queensland public gallery practice by supporting growth in professional development opportunities available to gallery staff, volunteers and management bodies, and
  4. to ensure professional administrative services are delivered to members and clients through best practice in financial administration and accountability.

PGQ offers professional development funding opportunities for member galleries and their staff and volunteers through its Annual Professional Development funding program.

PGQ, together with the Queensland branch of the Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGAQ), established Museums & Galleries Queensland Ltd, a peak industry body to deliver services and programs to the regional gallery and museum sectors in Queensland. For more information on Museums & Galleries Queensland is available on their website www.magsq.com.au. AMaGA is the national membership body for museums and galleries, and we encourage you to become a member. For more information, visit the AMaGA website www.amaga.org.au.

PGQ holds elections to its board of management every two years. Representatives of member galleries are eligible to nominate for election (must be current financial members). The next election year is 2020.

For more information about any of PGQ’s services, please contact the PGQ Membership Officer, Michele Pickering on 07 3059 9740 (Thursdays), or via email: membership@magsq.com.au. For information on PGQ membership visit our Membership Page.

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Contact PGQ

Ph: 07 3059 9740 (Thursdays)
Email: membership@magsq.com.au

122 Gerler Road
Hendra Qld 4011

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Contact PGQ

Ph: 07 3059 9740 (Thursdays)
Email: membership@magsq.com.au

122 Gerler Road
Hendra Qld 4011

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